stairways to heaven

i had a client yesterday who needed their staircase painted.  although my job dictates that i play it safe and recommend neutral colours that appeal to the masses, it got me thinking about other options for the risers of the staircase.  the riser is the part of the step that runs vertically and takes you up.

in my last post, i featured a staircase that had drawers built in. what a great way to maximize the space!  the risers are the most visible part of the staircase . . . if you can't use them, why not make them a piece of art?

[courtesy of decorpad]

fantastic graphic art.  the bold black and white design is emphasized by the bold bursts of colour from the art and accessories.

[courtesy of apartment therapy]

applied with a stencil, the neutral colours make this design easier to live with and less bold as say, the next example . . . 

[courtesy of blab pictures]

mmm, gradient green.  i included this one because it seemed so fitting for st. patty's day :)

[courtesy of the freckle wonder]

i am OBSESSED with multi coloured stairs.  they are wicked awesome! ps. i kind of love the wall paper too!

[courtesy of bright as yellow]

oh so tim burton!

[courtesy of apartment therapy]

love this sweet blue stair paint.  it almost simulates a stair runner.  this is a good solution if you don't want to actually put a carpet on the stairs, this will save the part of the stairs that get the most traffic.  

[courtesy of designer's block]

freakin' amazing.  i can't even imagine how long it took, but it looks like it was worth it, no?

[courtesy of bright as yellow]

ok, not painted.  this is a wallpaper application.  but i like that it looks like it could have been hand drawn. 

whew, i feel better!  i KNEW there were better alternatives to painting them out cloud white . . . blurg.  but alas, i am the mercy of the real estate market.  i guess i'm waiting until i own my own staircase too! :)


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