the plug salad: take the power back!

i promise, i see it all the time and there is something you can do about it.

we all have them.  those awful piles of knots that plague the back of our media centers.  as if the knots themselves weren't bad enough, they create a net of sorts that collects everything from small toys to garbage to dust bunnies.

it has become one of my leading pet peeves.  i understand that this area is not a priority for most people.  out of sight, out of mind right?  i guess i'm just at the short end of the stick.  when it comes time for me to move a client's television out of their formal living room i am usually the one who gets stuck back there trying to untie and unravel.  it's awful, but i've gotten to the point were i leave everything plugged in and move the giant dust ball as one piece.

but what about when you actually need to get back there, to remove or (gasp) add plugs.  do you take the time to understand what's happening back there?  or do you take care of business as quickly and efficiently as possible and get the heck out?

i am here to lead the cable management revolution!  a little bit of elbow grease and some creativity and the vortex will become a tidy and organized heaven.  you'll want to hang out back there all the time!  This project doesn't even have to be expensive, re-purpose everyday things that might otherwise end up in the trash.

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this is an extremely clever idea to disguise cords running along the wall.  not only is it clever but also easy.  check out the tutorial!

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this solution attacks the problem at the source.  contain extra length of cord by fastening it underneath the table.  this fancy gadget is a great idea, but velcro or any kind of tape would work the same way.

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this idea is just plain brilliant!  those bread tags that eli never puts back on the bread will now go to good use! (i've already started collecting)  it drives me crazy playing power bar roulette just to plug in my i-pod, and just when i think i've figured it out, i realize that i unplugged the speakers.

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a power bar leg!  genius!  this desk is most definitely something that i am investing in when i have the space for it!  (i also secretly wish this was my idea)

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see?  cheap and cheerful.  butterfly clips fastened to the side of your desk, work space or bedside table can keep ALL the different charging cords for our different devices organized and available for easy access.

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these cords covers are so darn pretty.  what a great way to turn an annoyance into art.  this is a fantastic solution for those cords that are smack dab in the middle of the wall.  sometimes there's just nothing you can put in front of it to try and hide it.  in these cases, cord covers are the way to go.  this leaf one is stunning and multiple pieces can be joined together to accommodate more length.

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i think this is the creme de la creme, so i saved it for last.  living in this day and age, it is quite common to accumulate a ridiculous number of EXTRA cables.  where the heck to they all come from?  the tp roll method is the coolest thing i've seen in a long time.  fold up the cables, shove them in a toilet paper roll, label the roll with the details of each cable, stick 'em in a shoe box and they are out of the way and ready for the next time you really need it.

i hope i've inspired some of you to tackle those corners in your home that gather the most dust.  in my opinion, the powers that be who design all these fancy gadgets and techno-dork products really need to start thinking about the way that they're powered.  it probably sounds vain, but that gorgeous 52" flat screen tv is not so sexy when it's got big black boogers hanging down from it.  just sayin'.

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