BSing (brainstorming, that is!) my wedding vision

as most of you already know, mr.blue and i are getting married!  if you didn't know and this is coming as a surprise, well, surprise!

it's only been about a month, but in that short span of time, i've managed to slam my brain with all sorts of idea as to how it will look and my vision for the event.

i know, i know, some of you are saying that i'm creating too much work for myself.  and others are ALREADY sick of hearing about it, but i can't help it!  my job as a home stager and designer is to "present" a space and for me this is no different . . . and much more fun!

so here is a sneak peek at some of the brainstorming i've done.  i want an apothecaryg/library feel.  i don't know if that makes any sense and the test is going to be whether or not i can pull it off.

these images, for the most part, are images i found are from other wedding blogs i've come across . . . great ideas from other really great weddings.

trees. and lot of 'em!
ceremony site ...
and the reception.
bowls, jars, antique implements . . . 

beakers, globes and random science equipment . . . 

lots of glass and lights and interesting jars . . . 

 especially hanging ones with candles.

simple flowers.

rustic elements.

feathers and plumage instead of flowers.

wedding favours.

too cute!

for hanging outside in the trees maybe?  they have such a unique effect.

so there you have it.  we shall see if i should be declared certifiably insane.  i hope you don't mind sharing this process with me.  you will officially be my sounding board/notebook. who knows . . . maybe something you see in my blog will tickle your fancy like other blogs did mine.



  1. congrats, v-cootz!! i cannot WAIT to see all the super ideas you come up with and oh, how cute and beautiful it (and you!) will be! YAY!

  2. Your ideas sound really awesome ! It's always nice to see something creative and a little different ! Hope you get what you envision !
    ...and of course...CONGRATS !!!!