today's homework: kitchen inspiration

i have another new client! :)  the count is now at three at the same time.  it's making my brain feel stretched.

this new one is a kitchen renovation.  it's a small kitchen, i've got to make the most of the space and hopefully make it bigger.  so in order to get in the mood, i decided to visit styleathome.com and see what's new and exciting in the world of kitchens.

white is crisp and clean and automatically makes a space feel larger. i love the natural elements of the butcher block counters and the texture of the full height back splash.

sleek and ultra modern.  simple panel cabinets streamline a space and super beneficial in small areas.  the colour is so rich, without being too dark.  clearly a have a thing for texture, because i adore the brick wall.  so perfect. :)

this is considered "new country".  this is my favourite by far!  grey is a hot trend in kitchens for 2011 and, surprise surprise, love the counters!  i would absolutely replicate this in my house . . . but i don't have one yet. *sigh*

get ready for it . . . a fridge concealed with a chalkboard!  brilliant!  hide the fridge (plus!) and create functional space. (plus plus!)

gorgeous counter and full slab back splash.  this is another option for my small space kitchen, minimize the seams and it will feel more open.  the stark white is a bit too much for me, although there is an orange bag in the picture . . . reality dictates that it's not there all the time.  a really great piece of art with lots of colour would do it for me.

hmmm . . . good start.  i've got A LOT of work ahead of me though. :)


  1. oooh, new country. hmmm, i never thought of grey. when i get a country farmhouse, i am going ALL OUT on the kitchen!

  2. right?! it's my favourite too! one day . . .